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Story matters for real … in real life and on film. A great story captures the imagination, moves its audience and has the power to change minds and lives. A great story on film reflects life's joys, sorrows, irony, despair and wonder. The big difference between real life and film is this: in real life great stories can just happen, but every great story on film begins with that imaginative, engaging and illusive blueprint, a great script.

At Scriptophrenia we believe that a great script is the magician who pulls a producer out of his own hat.

Many Hollywood script-to-screen stories begin with an impactful three-sentence pitch … and then drag on and on, through rewrite after rewrite until they are at last ready for production. Professional screenwriting instructors are known to advise fledgling screenwriters to work on three key elements in their professional development: refine the art of the pitch, foster ‘relationships' with producers, and most importantly, keep the screenplay away from the producer for as long as possible. Why? Simply put, while it's within any motivated salesperson's capacity to come up with a good pitch, it is really difficult to write a great script that stands on its own merits.


We are open for business and take the business of story seriously. We are screenwriters who know the value of an exceptional story and we are ready and willing to show our hand. We are willing to give producers seeking new and undiscovered extraordinary film properties unfettered, unfiltered access to our screenplays, and an opportunity for a thoughtful and meaningful examination of our completed film and television scripts without the hype, clutter, pressure and noise.

Shakespeare said it best: The play's the thing. Film is a collaborative art form, requiring expertise, creativity and excellence at every stage. But everybody knows … a great script is where a truly great film begins. You know you want it. You know you need it. And now you have a chance to find it in a refreshingly uncomplicated way.


We invite you to peruse our current listings of available WGA-registered properties. If you would like to read one of our scripts, just complete our simple registration form, which will enable you to download a printable pdf of one of our screenplays.

Story matters here. We know you know that too. We are ready for our close-up. We invite you to take a look … and we look forward to hearing from you.