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Sabina - script for sale

Sabina - Script for sale SABINA ...
Scriptoprenia is proud to offer rare opportunity to own a copy of the screenwriter's final draft of the yet-to-be-produced biopic of pioneering psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein!

Virtually nothing was known of Sabina Spielrein until more than 30 years after her death, when a trunk containing her diary and letters was discovered during the demolition of a house in Switzerland. These remarkable documents told the story of a brilliant, intuitive woman, a pioneering psychologist, and tell a remarkable untold story of her pivotal role in the work of both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Her writings also divulge a scandalous secret relationship between a brilliant, deeply disturbed patient and her doctor/saviour.

Her impassioned intellectual, sexual and spiritual union with Jung inspired his theory of the anima and introduced him to alchemy, both of which he presented as his own ideas, and challenged him to break away from his Sigmund Freud. In her own dissertation she wrote brilliantly on the 'death instinct,' an idea Freud later claimed as his own.

This original screenplay, Sabina explores the impassioned relationship between Sabina and Jung, and at last tells Sabina's story, that of a brilliant, heroic woman whose legacy was almost lost.

You can read this remarkable screenplay in its original format, with a foreword by author John Lash and an introduction by story editor Madonna McManus.

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